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Further Job Keeper updates and application time frames – By CFO Simona Hughes from Financial Utilities

Our South West Australia

Hi again

There have been further changes announced by the ATO this week for the JobKeeper payments, mainly:

As mentioned before, follow us on Instagram or Facebook or check our website as we are issuing updates almost on a daily basis. Things are changing daily and its difficult, even for us, to keep up but we are doing our best to keep you updated.

There are still some areas of the JobKeeper which ATO clarification is required however we feel that we are in a good position to assess, enrol and apply on behalf of employers and employees.


We have put together a JobKeeper Form that outlines the JobKeeper Payment, the action list, our fees, the conditions that need to be met and the information we require to help you through the JobKeeper process.

If you need assistance to claim the maximum amount of the JobKeeper within the deadline dates, please complete the attached JobKeeper Form and Employee Eligibility Sheet (if applicable) and email it back to us. We can then send you an engagement letter for you to sign and we can add the work into our schedule.

Please note that our pricing enclosed is based on a business with employees. If you do not have employees, we can apply a 30% discount.

Seeing that all our clients are wanting their work done ASAP to receive the JobKeeper payments, we are doing our work on a first paid first done basis. We’ll send you our invoice for your upfront payment to us, and as soon as we receive your payment (plus your payment for any outstanding invoices), we’ll put you in our queue to get your work completed. With our ongoing work, we will invoice you at the beginning of each month, and after you pay our invoice we will lodge your Monthly JobKeeper Declaration Report with the ATO.


We have limited time to enrol you for JobKeeper and then making your first Application for JobKeeper Payments (starting on 4 May 2020).

Please let us know ASAP if you would like us to immediately start the above work for you, and we will send you the engagement letter.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards

Simona Hughes
Managing Director

B.Com, Chartered Accountant (52356)

 0415 378 181