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What is Community Ecommerce? – Our South West Market -How it works and how you can benefit !

Our South West Australia

Dear all,

I couldn’t help myself with this blog photo. I’m pretty sure they are looking at the Our South West Market website given their level of excitement. Intrigued about this new community online idea we have been talking about? Well here are the essentials you need to know.

What is Community Ecommerce?

Online Shopping is not a new concept by any means, but the idea of Community Ecommerce is a new derivative of this model. The “Community focus” (the South West region), of the initiative, draws all businesses and services of a region together on a centralised digital “Market” platform for the combined purposes of cooperatively marketing & selling services and products online. There is no limit to what can be sold on a community ecommerce platform, as we can also sell professional appointments and business bookings alongside a broad variety of  business products.

The community ecommerce concept:

  • centralises all web development work
  • shares the cost of expensive technology / software, add ons & upgrades
  • offers payment security for credit card purchases
  • provides ongoing website maintenance and local, contactable tech support
  • offers online compliance to all businesses
  • provides a supercharged community marketing and advertising campaigns
  • provides hands on business development support
  • provides marketing content highlighting individual vendors and available specials
  • improves online traffic to individual businesses and services
  • Increases small business visibility online in a vast internet
  • provides a delivery option for the region & also connects to existing delivery services
  • protects the south west small independents / producers from unfair technological monopolising by the big online retailers and large supermarket chains.
  • Increases purchasing and delivery of local produce over other imported options.

Our South West Market is therefore a South West supercharged “Support Local” online campaign to revive a region.  Our South West provides every business with a prominent online presence, an extensive marketing plan, an ability to sell products and services, and the ability to deliver South West produce locally. So nobody is going to miss your business if its on the on Our South West Market.

As a social enterprise, we choose not to exploit our position with crippling commissions that amazon and charge. With the help of  potential community grant support, we can offer a free service until the end of 2020.  Beyond Covid 19 Our South West offers a socially responsible service in the future that gives back to the community. Our South West Pty Ltd is specific to the needs of the south west, we understand the local people and businesses and have the means to make Our South West and their businesses a success in struggling times.

So Join Us in creating a sustainable region and supporting south west businesses and services in a time of crisis.

Time for a New Normal!

Kind Regards

Emma Morgan