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Tips For Couples – South West Counselling offers 7 simple concepts to help during Social Isolation.

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In stressful times we get so busy looking after the family, children and work, we forget about the “couple “unit – you know that person you fell in love with. Often when kids  or responsibilities come along, this unit of two gets given the back seat! When the core of the family unit aren’t getting along, it affects everybody in the family.  With of without kids, COVID 19 provides enough stress for everybody. Have the courage to acknowledge the difficulties, rather than putting it in the too hard basket. After a while that basket gets too full!  Taking time to strengthen that unit of 2 right now, and cut each other some slack, might just make a difference in the long term.

Shantell Mclenaughan, a counsellor from South West Counselling Service provides a few tips.

Tips for couples during social isolation:

  • Communication is key, being able to express thoughts, feelings and needs while also being open to hearing your partners thoughts, feelings and needs is a way to see and hear each other clearly.
  • Try not to go on the defensive as this only creates a block in the communication. If able to hear the others hurt, dissatisfaction or frustration at your actions it is important to validate their feelings while owning your actions.
  • Deescalate when conflict feels like it is getting out of hand. Its ok to say you need time to calm down but it’s important to let your partner know you need to time out and how much time you might need. It’s also important you both come together to revisit the conflict to resolve rather than sweep it under the carpet only to come up again.
  • The current social isolation laws have thrown families together for long periods of time in the family home. Talk with your partner about sharing household chores, parenting, time spent as a family, time as a couple and time for yourself.
  • Be tolerant of each other’s faults, we all have them, they are part of our individuality – who we are.
  • Practice kindness, towards yourself and your partner, this is not an easy time and many of us are struggling.
  • Be willing to repair the relationship after an argument, this can be as simple as saying sorry I upset you.

“Our South West” is proudly assisting South West Counselling reach out to people during COVID 19.  Counsellor, Shantell McClenaughan  wanted to advise that she and her colleagues are offering free phone or Zoom counselling sessions throughout May. This is a great service so please call them if you need support.

In a crisis or even in the good times, our mental health is not something to be ignored or dismissed. The “she’ll be right attitude” really does nothing to help us. Our mental health deserves our daily attention to ensure we all have a good quality of life. You wouldn’t ignore a physical health concern , neither should you ignore ongoing feelings of loneliness, sadness or anxiety. With good support, these often overwhelming  feelings, can be well managed, resolved  and  in addition we often learn more about ourselves as a result of the uncomfortable times in our life.

We have three areas to look after -Our Mind, Body and Soul.  We need to keep each area in good shape as we traverse this life. How you choose to do that is up to you, but I would like to suggest that a free chat might just help your mind and your soul.  In turn this might help you look after your body. A phone call and some good advice might just be what you need to move forward.

South West Counselling provides quality, confidential and affordable counselling to support our community in these challenging and uncertain times.

For the months of April and May we are providing free sessions to all current and new clients booking a phone or video counselling session.  Increased after-hour sessions are also being offered.

Please contact us to discuss your options

Phone: 9754 2052

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South West Counselling is a community based not-for-profit organisation supporting children, youth, adults, couples and families.


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