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Welcome to Our South West – a new FREE community website to help us through this difficult time

Our South West Australia

Hi Everybody,

Welcome to Our South West, the new free website for all businesses and services currently operating in the South West in these difficult times. I really hope that you are all keeping safe, helping to flatten the curve and doing all you can to stop the spread and help our health workers get ready for the inevitable increase in cases. None of us have been in a situation like this before and this is new to all of us. I know a lot of you have suddenly lost your jobs and you’re worried for yourself and your families. We are all in the same boat as a community, and I really hope Our South West can help you all in the coming months.

Justin Liu  (0ad – ecommerce and web developer) and Emma Morgan (Immerse South West & ED/Mental health Senior Social Worker)  are quickly creating a community website for businesses, sole traders and community members within the City of Busselton region to be able to easily advertise their new services in this difficult Covid 19 era. We hope to accommodate other councils quickly as well so please put your details on the system sooner rather than later.
We are encouraging people to get creative, think outside the box and find new ways to continue their business or service online and share with people how they can deliver safe services. The website will act as a Services directory for the entire community and it will be free to advertise your business on the website and free for people in the community to use.
The aim of  Our South West is for people in the community to have a central website to go to and find delivery and online services in their region to enable them to more effectively home isolate, receive essential services and stay safe in this precarious time. The website will have weekly blogs and advice for everybody from trained and qualified professionals  such as Clinical psychologists, nutritionists, dietitians, allied health professionals, chief financial officers, education experts, personal trainers etc on all topics to keep everybody  informed, stay healthy, be educated and stay mentally well.
What we do right now could make the difference for our entire community and can save lives. Yes its that serious and the time of denial has passed us by as the numbers of infected start to climb in Australia. Regardless of the seriousness of our situation, there is no need to panic, no need to hoard, no need to act individualistically and no need to feel alone. Instead we need to work together as a community to come up with workable solutions. I’m sure we all want to get back to normal soon, but that requires all of us to do our part for that to happen. We all need to step up!
So please be creative, consider what you can offer the community during the next couple of months and lets show Australia that the people who live in the South West know how to do this the right way and come out the other side with our families, friends, businesses and economy as intact as possible.
Please stay tuned for more posts and helpful advice from a variety of contributors in the next week.
Wishing you all good health and compassion
Emma Morgan and Justin Liu