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A big Thank you to the community, our blog contributors and Justin Liu for his hard work!

Our South West Australia

Holy Moly what a week and I say that on so many levels. The image of a wave certainly represents how this virus pandemic has felt, an unstoppable force. Things are changing rapidly day by day now for us all and lets see what tomorrow will bring. With every change and every new measure implemented, we hope to provide a level of support and reassurance through this website to the community.

From a good idea on Monday  23rd March to making it reality by Friday 27th March and a lot of hours staring at a computer screen in between.  A big shout out to Justin Liu for his hard work pulling this website together so fast with me. Anybody who knows me is well aware I can create, write, talk a lot, think fast, connect people and pull it all together…..but build a website is something I cannot do without the backing of an expert. We are all juggling our priorities right now, but this just seemed to be one of those things that needed to happen for this community, so I’m ever so grateful to Justin and Claire for jumping on board with me. They are true kind-hearted souls.

Firstly I’d like to thank the businesses of the South West for putting your faith in Justin and I. We are most likely unknown to most of you, but we really do appreciate you getting on board so fast and telling others about it.

A big thank you to Naomi Searle from the City of Busselton for her immediate support of this idea and helping us to get the word out to Rate Payers and in particular our vulnerable community members.

Tim Campbell Photography has kindly loaned us some terrific images to brighten up the website in the coming weeks and Tim did not hesitate to lend a hand. He’s a Champ.

A shout out to DYCCI and our local newspapers, the BD Times and BD Mail for helping to advertise the new website to the community.

I would also like to thank and mention a few others too who will also be helping us along the way in the coming weeks with their expert knowledge and advice:

Our South West Blog content contributors :

  • Melissa and Justin Harrison  – The Nudge Group (Clinical Psychology)
  • South West Home Education Association
  • Libby Mettam – MLA  – Member for Vasse
  • Trevor Lawrence Brown  – Down South Physio and sports rehab
  • Cal and Shelby Foster – The movement Fitness and Wellbeing
  • Claire McDonnell Liu – Nutritionist
  • Simona Hughes – Chief Financial Officer Financial Utilities
  • Nat Darwell – Yoga South West
  • City of Busselton – community updates
  • Victoria Verity – Photographer, Teacher, Artist

If you are a trained professional in one of our listed categories and would like to contribute your expert advice to the blog content for Our South West, please contact me on 0400 351 508. Your contribution is welcomed. I’m keen to hear from one of our local GPs, from one of our prominent restaurants, teachers and online educators.  If that sounds like you, i’ll be waiting for your call… my home….like always…..not going anywhere… nice to chat!


Emma Morgan