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Awareness Acceptance and Action – three key concepts to help you keep healthy and moving at home – by The Movement Fitness & Wellbeing

Our South West Australia

Blog content kindly provided by Shelby Foster from The Movement Fitness and Wellbeing

Our South West Australia

Your gym is closed and you have decided to self isolate or reduce your social footprint.

You are thinking to yourself “sh*t what am I going to do now?”

We are here to tell you – not exercising, not moving and not eating well are not the answers!

Common issues we are all facing:

  • Lack of motivation and routine.
  • No-one to hold us accountable to exercise or eat well.
  • Loneliness.
  • Lack of gym equipment.
  • Kids not allowing you any time to yourself.

Guess what? We have ALL felt like that at some point in the last two weeks and it’s ok to feel like that more than once. However, we don’t know how long this is going to last so the sooner we can create some healthier habits the better.

We are offering some solutions to the problems above.

Lack of motivation and routine. 

We work from home, the only people we see are in our home, we have our training sessions at home, we have our downtime at home. Everything is in the one space and that may become more difficult to deal with.

What can you do to keep your mental health in check and make the most of this situation?

Try to have different spaces for different activities. I know that may not be possible for some. If you sleep in your bed, eat in your bed read in your bed and work from your get the idea..its not healthy. Use a desk for your work, create a space to train. Eat your meals mindfully and properly at a table.

Keep your areas separated and clean. It will make a MASSIVE difference.

Struggle with snacking while you are home? Stick to meal times. Set yourself snack times or if you need the motivation with work, have snacks for when you have completed a task.

I have seen a lot of memes about us eating all our covid/ emergency snacks the first day we’re self isolating and while they’re all funny, a lot of us will be put to the test now with our food relationships.

Don’t punish yourself when you don’t eat as well as you would like. It’s okay to eat for enjoyment and comfort. But try for most of your meals to have a variety of fruit, veg and proteins. Take the time to cook proper meals for yourself.

You don’t have to be super strict in setting yourself a schedule, but having a routine makes your day easier. Try to get up the same time each day and don’t sleep in forever. Have a breakfast/ morning routine. Set aside time to get some work and chores done. Give yourself free time to relax.

  • No-one to hold us accountable to exercise or eat well. 

Why do you exercise? Why do you eat well? For everyone its different. It may be because you want to look in the mirror, feel good about yourself, because you want to be able to run around with your kids everyday, you’re training or in a competition or simply because it makes you feel good!

Figure out  YOUR WHY! Once you have this figured out, then exercising becomes easier to say yes to on the days you lack motivation. Remember how good that session felt, remember how 6 months ago you couldn’t even run around with your kids, but due to  regular exercise, now you can. Use these internal and external motivators to keep in you in “I can” mindset.

Although we are isolated we can still stay connected and things are easier when you’re doing them together. One way to stay motivated with your eating and exercise is to do things with others, get your partner involved, message your friends and get them on board or join an online community to keep you accountable!

  • Loneliness. 

During these times of isolation, loneliness can be a major factor and it has big implications on your physical health, mental health and wellbeing.

Mental health is the big factor we need to be aware of if we are self isolating! Many of us out there are on our own and rely on a face to face physical connection to feel that belonging. Even those with families or  those who are isolated with friends or room mates might find themselves feeling lonely.

The first thing we need to do is become aware of it and accept it, once we do this we can start putting things into action. Get connected! We are so blessed to live in a world so technologically advanced that we can connect via the click of a button! So set up video chats, call your mates, join an online community. We need to maintain and even build our relationships up during these times.  Connection is the single most important factor to sustain mental health!

Loneliness can lead to a lack of motivation, especially with exercise and nutrition, but if we follow the steps of – awareness, acceptance and actions we can begin building connections and being in a better head space. This then leads us to building our healthy exercise and eating habits.

One last point  – we all live in a fast paced world where being alone is actually a rarity for some. So getting an opportunity to be alone, be still, be calm, quiet that mind, lower the adrenaline, experience silence and have space is also good for mental health. It might be the first time in a long time for a lot of people. Its all about balance.

  • Lack of gym equipment. 

“Got a door, got a gym”……surely everyone heard the adverts of those pull up bars you can stick between door ways? While i do not recommend them the message behind it is a good one!

Got a back pack…got a gym.

Got a rock…got a gym.

Got a chair…got a gym

Got nothing…still got a gym.

What i’m trying to get out is that the body doesn’t know whether your holding a barbell, a kettlebell, a rock or a plank of wood. The body will just respond to the fact that it now had resistance and you are adding movement! Which will increase both fitness and strength!

Doing a kettlebell swing with a kettlebell is the same as doing a kettlebell swing with a backpack. Doing a squat with a barbell is the same as doing a squat with your kid (just slightly more wriggly).

Now if you need or really want equipment you’ve got plenty of options; look online to see if you can buy anything, ask on your community page or even make your own.

Still can’t find any equipment? Body weight exercises not only require no equipment but they also get you extremely strong and fit. Think about increasing your intensity but either adding more volume, more repetitions or adding tempo to your movements (time under tension)

  • Kids not allowing you any time to yourself. 

Parents for you this is probably the biggest one. As parents ourselves we know how hard it can be to get anything done with kids running around, let alone exercise. We realise everybody’s child is different but we want to share with you a few tips that might help you:

  • If your situation allows it, ask your partner for help
  • Get the kids to join in
  • Keep them distracted with an activity
  • exercise early in the morning before the kids are up
  • exercise when they sleep if they’re little

These ideas might work, but we need to accept that we may need to stop from time to time to be present with our children before getting back to those burpees! Have realistic expectations with this and it will help to reduce your stress.

We have created an online community called The Dunsborough Fitness Community. It is an online fitness group that gives you five workouts to do each week. We hold you accountable, connect with you and guess what – you don’t need any gym equipment! Most of the workouts can be done within 30 minutes – they are fun and the kids can join in too! Head to to sign up!

Stay well and keep moving.

Shelby Foster