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Dinner Done – a small business adapting well in a crisis – by owner Tee Muscat.

Our South West Australia

Hi Everybody,

I wanted to share a quick blog about my business with you.

My aim in starting my business Dinner Done, was to provide a service to people  who want to eat wholesome, nutritious, healthy and really tasty food. I wanted to eliminate the stress of deciding what to cook every night for people, so you could spend more time with your family and doing the things you love, or just getting home from work and not having to order take away!

I am a mum of two girls age 7 and 9, one of my daughters has learning difficulties and I have to sit with her to help her understand her homework. Both girls had after school activities which means sometimes we didn’t  get home till late. So I understand how precious time can be, especially if you add working full time to support your family into the mix!

That’s why I decided to start Dinner Done.

Cooking comes easy to me and it was a big part of my childhood. A few of my self employed mum “besties” used to ask me to do their family meal prep. I then started offering them a menu at a set price, then once it was cooked they would come and pick it up. Then my friends told their other friends and that is how it has grown. So I went from working from home, to now cooking in a commercial kitchen in Busselton.

Dinner Done has pretty much always offered “touch free delivery”  or  a contactless  option, as most of my customers pick up their order from a sterilized recycled Styrofoam Eski  and then pop the meals into their own cooler bag. When I do deliver, I ask customers to leave their own Eski out the front and I pack it for them, so there is no contact. I can also leave my foam eski and swap it over at the next delivery. So Dinner Done is a terrific option for our current Covid 19 crisis and we have adapted really well as a result.

I believe that food really brings people together and that good food, lovingly prepared, is always good for the soul. I show my love by cooking for people and I am happiest when I can give my food away. No one ever leaves my house without a meal to take home…

I am now on the “Our South West” Directory and you can make orders directly through my website.

Stay Well and Happy Easter Everybody!

Tee Muscat x