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LAUNCHING – Our South West Market is LIVE!

Our South West Australia

Hi Everybody!

Our South West is now launching a free e-commerce platform called the “Our South West Market” in conjunction with the Free Business Directory and Community blogs.

There are NO SET UP FEES and NO COMMISSION charges. To Join, simply add your business or service to the directory and tick the Vendor box at the bottom of the form.

For those businesses who are new to this concept, an e-commerce platform creates an “online shop” for you to sell your products, services, and appointments to your customers via a website. Instead of every individual business having to create this on their own website, we have designed a “market” where all the businesses & services are advertised in one central place.

Customers can browse various products and businesses in the one convenient and central location which increases value for your business marketing, visibility and likelihood of a sale. By using the Our South West market, you will mitigate the cost and the time of building and running this yourself.

What we are creating is like a micro version of Amazon for businesses in the South West Region to boost their visibility and profitability in this difficult economic period. We believe that the Our South West Market will be an enormous benefit right now but will also continue to ADD value beyond the Covid 19 era and will offer everybody an extra pathway to customers in the future. Every bit helps!

We are asking vendors to offer free local delivery to postcodes close to your business given that we are offering this service to you for free. As Our South West is a “social enterprise” where profits are given back to South West community programs, we ask vendors also show the same community spirit when they join.

Kind Regards

Emma Morgan & Justin Liu