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Nutrition during Home Isolation – tips to stop endless snacking – by Nutritionist Claire McDonnell Liu

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Blog content kindly provided by Claire McDonnell Liu Nutritionist

Homeschool Food Tips

When the world seems to be spinning out of control and stress triggers are at an all time high thoughts of maintaining good nutrition can easily slide to the bottom of the list. However keeping up with healthy eating habits can help you and your family to maintain good immunity, deliver energy and stabilise fractured moods.

We’re being asked to stay home where possible, so that means more meals at home. Some of you have already sent comments in and asked questions on how to manage this: How to stop the kids, and yourself, from endless snacking; How to cope with the extra rounds of cooking, washing up and cleaning; How to come out of this without ageing 20 years.

Here are some food tips to help you keep your fridge contents and your sanity intact:

1. Packed Lunch
Prepare or help children to prepare their own lunches and snacks for the day, place them in a cooler bag with an ice block or in the fridge. This way children maintain a routine similar to school by helping themselves to food from their pack-up through the day and we avoid the fridge getting raided. Include the adults in the house as well, to cut the snacking and the food prep time.

2. One Cup Rule
This is the same as the time above but with drinks. Keep a water bottle for each of you with your packed lunch. This avoids a pile up of multiple cups and glasses used and left around the house.

3. Go Easy
Make food simple and stress free by cooking basic recipes with fewer ingredients, such as homemade soups, omelettes or a salad snack bars.

4. Little Chefs
Include food preparation into your homeschool day, by encouraging children to get involved in reading recipes, weighing, mixing, beating and cutting ingredients, setting the oven temperature and timing cooking. They will love learning these hands-on skills and tasting the results. Learning with no worksheets or tech required!

5. Healthy Cheats
Many frozen, dehydrated and some pantry foods retain nutrients, are long lasting and easy to cook with. Make life easy for yourself as much as possible, these are testing times! Some timesavers that don’t compromise food quality, try: dried herbs, garlic pastes, diced frozen onions, mixed frozen vegetables.

6. Order Fresh and Delish
You may need to cut down on the shopping trips, i.e. if a partner is away or you and your family are isolating. We are not going to run out of food, so definitely don’t need to stock up to the point that our garage resembles a Coles distribution centre. There’s been an increase in our local shops, restaurants, stores and markets delivering groceries and freshly prepared meals to your door. Consider taking advantage by changing your shopping habits to deliveries from local providers stepping up for their communities; supporting our local restaurants sending out high quality homemade meals and cafes offering takeout options.

7. Community Spirit
The South West is an amazing vibrant place, made special by our coast, landscape, produce and people. We are a real community and are here for each other. Shout out if you need some support: with shopping; where to order deliveries from; or if you just need let off some steam.

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