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Our South West Market – Now a Free e-commerce platform for Businesses and Services in the South West – By Emma Morgan

Our South West Australia
Dear Our South West Community,
Justin Liu and I have been working hard to create a Free online market (e-commerce platform) for South West businesses, that will now sit alongside the Free Community Business Directory on the website. The Our South West Market will be completely free of charge to use whilst we are all suffering through the COVID 19 crisis. Given that some shops can no longer open or operate, this is a creative and flexible way to sell your products to the community despite lock down restrictions. The Free online Market will be open to Businesses within the South West region – and that’s a pretty big area so get on board everybody.
The  Our South West website will now have three components :
Our South West Community –  Our Home page will have regular blogs and posts on every topic we can write about to help assist people in the Covid 19 era. Blogs relate to  mental health, financial support & advice, fitness and health,  updates from businesses, Government organisations /assistance  and Live news streams etc to keep people informed. All blogs and posts for the Community section will also be posted to the Our South West Facebook Group which is now up and running and open to the public.
Our South West Market – this is the new FREE e-commerce platform and will enable businesses to sell their products through a single market place online, via the Our South West Website. This will have a big impact for those businesses who do not have this available already and will mitigate the cost of each business having to set this up themselves. We hope to increase  South West business visibility and profitability throughout this crisis period and help businesses continue to remain open and viable. If you already have your own e-commerce, you can still use this services. Products you list  with us will link to your own website effectively.
Businesses or services can have around 12 or so products advertised to sell at any time, on an ongoing basis and will be able to update and change products etc as they please via their login facility. Each product is sold via the Our South West Market and each business or service needs to arrange for their own prompt delivery of the products sold. Products for sale could include the following – Fresh food products, frozen meals, different types of Fruit and Vege grocery boxes, freshly made takeaway meals, clothing products, Wine products, gift items, Handmade items, Local club memberships, Fitness Memberships, gift vouchers. The list is endless. Its a great option for Market stalls who can no longer run at this point in time.
Our South West Market will also have a facility for professional services and trades to receive booking times or appointments for their services. For example professions such as Nutritionist, Psychologist, Physiotherapist, Personal trainer can make individual client bookings or zoom appointments. Trade services such as Lawn mowing / gardening services, Automotive services, Plumbers, Electricians etc can make home visit appointments.
Our South West Directory – this is a comprehensive list of every south west businesses currently operating in the COVID 19 era; detailing who delivers or offers online or takeaway services. We have 170 services currently listed and the directory is increasing every day. You can search for different types of services under search items and also for who offers delivery or takeaway. We hope that this will be an easier solution to find the right service, versus the many Facebook pages currently listing businesses on various sites. Everything will be in the one place and easily found through search facilities. Facebook pages, groups and Instagram posts however are still a great tool to show your products visually and highlight specials and we will link the Market and Directory to a new Our South West Market Facebook Group.
So How do you Join the Market ?

We will be launching the Our South West Market next week and will be emailing those that are currently on our Community Directory and giving them instructions how to login, create their Shop and add products to sell. So In order to participate in the Free online Market please do the following:

  1. Join the Free Community Our South West Directory by “adding your business” and creating your login. Then tick the Vendor Box at the bottom of the directory form.
  2. We will then start on boarding Vendors when the Market is live
  3.  You can then Create your  “Shop” and add your products to the online Market.
  4. Then Get selling! We will also help you advertise your specials through the Our South West Market FB group.

We are looking forward to creating this exciting venture with all of you very soon. Thank you for your support and encouragement and remember – We are all in it together. So lets all help each other through this. I cant tell you how much fun I’ve had creating this venture and talking with everybody. Isn’t it odd to experience  that joy  when you work for free and give of yourself without expectation. Meaning and happiness always seem to follow. Something I wont forget and perhaps a huge learning for all of us in 2020. Its the “happiness of pursuit” versus the pursuit of happiness which will stand out as the major lesson of 2020.

Given that this is a free website and a free online market that has been created from two peoples spare time, if you are interested in sponsoring the venture in any way , please give me a call on 0400 351 508. Every bit helps.  Id like to thank the City of Busselton for their assistance in helping us with $1000, to purchase software needed to create the Directory and online Market. It was a great help to get Justin started on the necessities, considering I had become unemployed and would have struggled to pay for upfront costs such as this. It really showed us that our Council really care about the businesses in our region and keeping them viable. I’m sure it will be appreciated by many people in the near future.

Kind Regards

Emma Morgan