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Peko Peko shares their personal experience of the latest crisis and how they are keeping the community safe.

Our South West Australia
Content kindly provided by Troy Bottegal from Peko Peko
Hi All,
Here at Peko Peko we have been strongly affected by the current crisis and the social changes it has bought to our beloved community. Initially we were really shocked by the drop in visitation to the shops and we decided to put a 10% discount in all the shops for the first real week of the crisis announcement, letting customers know we were indeed in peril of closing down if the situation continued to deteriorate.
Thankfully our amazing customers rallied to support us. Peko Peko has been a healthy takeaway specialist since 2004, we have never before been in the peril we are in as a business right now. 
We are in the process of scrambling to install a limited local delivery service aimed at utilising our staff that need more hours. This way we have people who know and love the products delivering to local people.
Our current Strict Precautionary measures in place at Peko Peko are:
  • Masks worn by all chefs and kitchen staff when preparing food
  • The consistent use of silicon gloves to handle food
  • Sterilisation and Isolation of all food and packaging delivery containers
  • No cash handling
  • contactless pickup and delivery procedures
  • trained staff to do safe delivery
Our major focus will be to step up production and delivery of our existing GRAB n GO DINNER PACKS during the day, as well as sushi, rice paper rolls, salads and family soup packs. This service will extend to Dunsborough, Yallingup and Eagle Bay communities and run for four hours from 11am every day.
We are asking customers to order both their dinner and lunch requirements at the same time. We still offer a car park pick up service for our night time Wok tossed Noodles. 
Apart from trying to ensure the ongoing viability of our business, we very much want to try to keep our staff in work to make sure they are not negatively impacted by the situation in the next couple of weeks.
So here we go!
Troy Bottegal