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Strive to Revive – tips and advice for now and beyond covid-19 – from Physiotherapist Trevor Lawrence-Brown

Our South West Australia

Blog content kindly contributed by Trevor Lawrence-Brown  -Down South Physio  & Sports Rehab

Strive to Revive!

Due to the current pandemic these past few days have been some of the most thought provoking of my career. Not in terms of normal “clinical” problem solving, but for strategies to assist our community, the staff, fellow colleagues, local businesses and all our patients as a whole. 

As an experienced Musculoskeletal and Sports based Physiotherapist I am usually face to face with 25-30 different people daily. Applying skills for diagnosis, injury mechanisms, manual therapy, anatomical pathology, pain status, rehab plans and mental health.

COVID – 19 has driven us to suspend all normal hands on appointments and rehab sessions. This has driven us towards “Telehealth” – meaning online video consults and phone conversations. These are not new concepts and have been used effectively by healthcare professionals for quite some time. It is mostly a shift in terms of the requirements for delivering physiotherapy treatments, as we move towards social distancing and controlling the viral spread.

I want to stress that Physiotherapy practices and other Allied Health clinics are not all closed, more adapting to the situation. We’re hoping to continue support for frontline Hospital healthcare workers and GPs, as well as following the guidelines for recovery of this health crisis. Over the next few weeks we will provide updates for:

  • the development of Telehealth
  • How the community can gain access to this service.
  • How Injuries and chronic pain conditions can be managed effectively through video link
  • The specifics of self-management for your musculo-skeletal health.

It goes without saying that maintaining connectivity is also vital for our social well-being…..more so than ever!

I would like to extend my gratitude to Emma Morgan and Justin Liu for setting up this resource. These situations can have a silver lining due to increased efforts for our fellow persons.

Any queries please see the contact information listed on the website.

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Trevor Lawrence-Brown

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, APAM

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